DataGarden, Inc. provides products and services to organizations and agencies with a specialization in advanced safety and security solutions supporting near real-time processing and enterprise level distribution and redundancy models.  Using proprietary modular interoperability technologies, called DG-Connect, to connect to and process data from existing assets and systems into common operating environments based on business rules and operating procedures.

DataGarden Proprietary Products:

  • Healthcare Medical Dispensary Cabinet Video Auditing Systems
  • Healthcare Equipment Tracking and Alerting Systems
  • High Availability Nurse Call Systems Processing and Alerting System
  • Mudslide Detection Monitoring and Early Warning Systems
  • Man-Overboard Systems using Lidar Technologies for Cruise Line Industry
  • Fire Control Video and Location Alert Notification Systems
  • Emergency/Duress Video Push Notification System
  • Image Integrity Auditing and Alerting System for Milestone VMS
  • Control Interface for General Dynamic Thermal Cameras and Range Finders
  • Vehicular Border Crossing Threat Analysis Analytics for Border Agencies
  • Border Incursion Threat Detection and Alerting System for Border Agencies
  • Advanced Unattended Ground Sensor Pattern Recognition Analytics for Border Agencies
  • Advanced Marine Radar Path Recognition and Threat Analytics for Border Agencies


DataGarden often utilizes best-of-breed commercially available technologies from outside vendors to construct advanced solutions and enterprise level deployments.  Selecting technologies from key providers, such as Network Harbor, Inc., allows us to offer full enterprise level solutions with customizations needed to fully meet operational needs and requirements.

DataGarden Solutions with Key Technology Partner Products:

  • Full Physical Security Information Management System (PSIM) integrations using Network Harbor LightHouse products
  • Advanced Command and Control Solutions using proprietary technologies and Network Harbor LightHouse Products
  • Keyboard Alerting System using Network Harbor KAS
  • Video and Audio Management using Network Harbor SAVVault
  • Network Harbor SIPVault – SIP Audio
  • Network Harbor SAVVault – Video and Audio Management System
  • Identicard Premisys Access Control Management System
  • Identicard Rack Armor Server Protection
  • Milestone XProtect Video Management System
  • Axis Cameras and Encoder Custom Solutions


Additionally, DataGarden often supports organizations and existing integration teams with all areas of a project life cycle from management to design to deployment.  We focus on highly customized interfaces and solutions that meet immediate and expanding needs for a variety of end-user roles and responsibilities.

DataGarden Software and Engineering Services:

  • Large-Scale Project and Product System Architecture, Design, and Management
  • System Interoperability Design, Development, and Integration
  • Certified Onsite Network Harbor LightHouse User and Administrator Training
  • System Communications and Data Sharing Hub Development
  • Custom Milestone XProtect Interface and MIP Plugin Development
  • Behavioral Analytics and Advanced Processing of Real-Time Systems
  • Environmental Monitoring System Design, Research and Development, and Implementation