DataGarden, Inc. provides border agencies with technical solutions to meet safety, security, and operational needs.  Focusing on highly customized and maintainable solutions utilizing latest technologies combined with existing systems and legacy assets, we specialize in highly effective command and control systems with intuitive graphical interfaces that are maintainable by agency personnel.

DataGarden, Inc. has decade-old history in working directly with US and Canadian border agencies to architect, test, and deploy cutting-edge security and protection solutions that meet the dynamic conditions of rural and populated environments.   We specialize in combining a wide array of video and sensor detection technologies with enhanced analysis and analytics into an enterprise capable GIS-centric command and control systems providing full situational awareness and response action over incidents.  Understanding the dynamic environment of individual areas of operations, our solutions provide tools that allow border agents and outside information systems to modify or influence the awareness, behavior, and alerting capabilities of the system as new ‘intel’ becomes available.


Product Solution Offerings and Key Integrations

  • Management, Information, and Response Systems (Command and Control)
  • Industry Leading Dispatching and In-Car Response Systems
  • Police Information Data Systems
  • Asset Planning and Management Systems
  • Mass Notifications with SMS, phone, text-to-speech and Video Push Technologies
  • Marine and Land RADAR Integration and Advanced Analytics
  • Unattended Ground Sensor System Integration and Advanced Analytics
  • Video Management Systems and Advanced Video Analytics
  • License Plate Recognition Systems
  • Remote Electric Power Storage and Generation Systems
  • Mobile Command and Control Operation Centers
  • Radio, Satellite, and Wireless Communications
  • Low-Power Sensor and Monitoring Equipment
  • Covert Camera, Intruder Detection, and Vehicle Tracking Systems



  • Technical Assessments of Security and Operational Systems
  • Security and Risk Assessment by Trained Experts with Years of Border Field Experience
  • Technology Planning and Roadmap Development
  • System and Operation Training
  • Standard Operating Procedure Development