Safety • Security • Connection

DataGarden, Inc. specializes in advanced public safety and security solutions using proprietary technologies to connect to and process data from existing assets and systems into a common operating environment based on business rules and operating procedures.  We have provided solutions globally within the most advanced technical environments and at the most remote areas having no existing power or communications capabilities.  We focus on highly customized interfaces and solutions that meet immediate and expanding needs for a variety of end-user roles and responsibilities.


Operational Awareness, Monitoring, and Control:

  • Complete Situational Awareness of Local and Remote Assets
  • System State Monitoring and Management
  • Intuitive Coordination of Maps, Models, Video, Imagery, Audio
  • Automated Workflows and Informational Displays
  • Behavior Analytics and Intelligence
  • Information Availability and Operating Procedures
  • Incident Management, Notification and Response Coordination


Our Approach:

  • Site and Situation Analysis and Solution Planning
  • Project Planning, Coordination, and Management
  • System Design, Development, and Deployment
  • Solution Delivery, Training, and Support


Our Capabilities:

  • Project Analysis and Management Expertise
  • Electrical, Computer, and Software Engineering
  • Behavioral Analytics and System Automation
  • Local and Enterprise Command and Control System Deployment
  • Advanced Business Rules and Policies
  • Behavioral Analytics and Information Presentation Expertise