DataGarden, Inc. provides full security solutions to organizations, campuses, and facilities with a wide range of physical structures, geographical layouts, and monitoring and response team sizes and capabilities.  We specialize in combining access control, burglary, video, building automation and fire systems into a single Physical Security Information Management system solution to provide complete monitoring and control over potential incidents.


DataGarden, Inc. personnel have direct experience in architecting and managing solutions deployments globally for international airports, train and metro systems, ports, dams, schools and universities, factories, electrical substations and facilities.  We understand the challenges of working with remote challenged with limited power and communications capabilities as well as working in highly dynamic environments where situational factors such as weather, employee shift changes or mass public offloads, can overload normal system operations and alert triggering.


Product Solution Offerings and Integrations

  • Security Management, Information, and Response Systems (Command and Control)
  • Keyboard Alerting Systems
  • Building Automation and Fire Systems
  • Mass Notifications with SMS, phone, text-to-speech and Video Push Technologies
  • Asset Tracking and Management Systems
  • Industry Leading Access Control and Security Systems
  • Fence and Barrier Detection and Control Systems
  • Industry Leading Video Management Systems
  • Facial Recognition and Video Analytics
  • Wireless Communications
  • Low-Power Sensor and Monitoring Equipment



  • Technical Assessments of Security and Operational Systems
  • Security and Risk Assessment by Trained Security Experts
  • Technology Planning and Roadmap Development
  • System and Security Training
  • Standard Operating Procedure Development